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EZText - pdf

EZAutomation Catalog´s section covering EZText Operatorpanel PDF-File)

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SENSIBLE priced Operator Panel!
Choose from Models with LCD or VFD Display for better visibility

Seven Models available:
with LCD or Vacuum Fluorescent Display

VFD Display for better viewing angle and higher visibility

1 Model with 13 mm high, 8-Digit numerical LED Display and 16 Character LCD Display

all Models offer Funtion Keys, Control Keys and LEDs

two Models with additional numerical Keypad

EZTextpanel, 2 x 20 Character LCD Display

EZText offers a LOW COST Operator Panel which communicates with your PLC.
The Programming is very simple and offers designated PLC Memory locations for controlling panel LEDs, accepting pushbutton requests, triggering messages and displaying variabel data.

Programming EZText is
EZ as 1-2-3!
EZTextpanel, LCD Display 3 Tri-colour LED Annunciator lamps, Function keys and numerical keypad
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