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EZPLC Programming


Models and Prices

Product Information
EZPLC - pdf

EZAutomation Catalog´s section covering EZPLC (PDF-File)

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Power packed micro modular PLC at SENSIBLE Prices
With built-in Communications to Networks and ASCII Field Devices

Choice of 5 I/O Bases:
8 to 96 I/O points with highest flexibility

Wide variety of I/O Modules

Communications "as Easy as 1-2-3"

the ideal Interface to send Messages to EZMarquee Displays

SENSIBLE Programming Software priced
at only 49

EZPLCJr - 32 I/O Base Unit
A powerful, modular expandable PLC including 32 I/O and advanced programming instructions at only 157.

Performance you will find only in PLCs costing thousands more!
EZIO - I/O Modules
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