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EZIO - pdf

EZAutomation Catalog´s section covering I/O Modules PDF-File)

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Compact, Powerful, Flexible and SENSIBLY Priced!
The right choice for Remote I/O interfacing and for use with EZPLC

Choice of 25 Modules:
digital I/O Modules with 8 I/O Points

"Mix-n-Match" I/O Modules with 4 Inputs and 4 Outputs per Module

8 Analog Inputs or 4 Analog In / 4 Analog Out for only 109

High Speed Counter Modules with 2 Counters and 24 Bit resolution

Inputmodules with Thermocouple or PT 100 Inputs.

Outputmodule with PWM or PTO Modulation

Input module with 8 Inputs and LED Indicator
EZIO is an excellent choice of Field I/O for low cost I/O expansion of PLCs. All you need is Ethernet, DeviceNet or Profibus on the PLC Network. The local processor in this configuration is also capable of performing local logic if you choose to do.

LOW COST Remote I/O Solution
  simple mounting of the Modules
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