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EZCE-Touchpanel - pdf

EZAutomation Catalog´s section covering CE Touchpanel PDF-File)

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The Most SENSIBLE Touch Panel on a Windows CE Platform!
The Operator Panel that plays Training Videos, Displays PDF Manuals and more...

8 different Models available:
Displays ranging from 6" White on Blue to 15" TFT

Windows CE Net 4.2 Operating System with EZTouch Scada Software preinstalled and Internet Explorer, FTP Server, Text Editor, Viewersoftware for PDFs, Word, Power Point, Excel, and Videos

Connectivity to 8 different networks like Modbus-Plus, Profibus, Ethernet, DH+, AB Remote I/O, DeviceNet, CCLink, GE SRTP

Over 25 different PLC Drivers supported

EZCETouchpanel with 6" monochrome Display  
  EZ as 1-2-3
Programming Software compatible with EZTouch and EZPanel.

You can download your Operator Panel Application written for the EZPanel without making any changes into the EZCETouchpanel and use the benefits of a Windows CE based Platform to give access to Internet or write and execute your own program written in f.i. C++ or Visual Basic.
EZCETouchpanel with 8,2" TFT Display
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