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32 I/O modular PLC for only €69
At the price of €69 for the base, the EZPLCJr is attractive for small applications otherwise using relay logic or intelligent relays.
All EZIO Modules can be mounted on this controller.
The EZPLCJr offers the same Programming Instructions as the EZPLC.

  As the EZPLCJr does not offer the RS422/485 Port, these Instuctions cannot be selected.

For only € 226,-- you get a PLC, the Programming Software, a Programming Cable and 16 Inputs and 16 Outputs.
EZPLCJr. Datasheet >

  EZIO - RTD Module
with 4 PT 100 Inputs
The EZIO RTD Module offers 4 Inputs for Resistance Temperature Detectors. The Module supports PT100, 120 Ni or 10 Cu RTDs.
The Resolution is 0,1°C.

  When the Module is selected in the EZPLC, you choose which type of Sensor is used. When a PT 100 Sensor is used, the Temperature range is -200 to + 850 °C.
PDF Datasheet>

  EZIO - PWM / PTO Module
Pulse Width / Pulse Train Module
The EZIO-PWM Module is an intelligent module for use with the EZPLC and provides either Pulse Train Output or Pulse With Modulation Output. The module offers 2 channels of outputs. Each channel can be independently programmed to be either PTO or PWM.
  In PTO mode, user specifies Ramp-up / Ramp-down time, the total number of pulses and the frequency.
In PWM Mode the module generates a Pulse output with varying duty cycle The Ramp-up time, frequency and duty-cycle is specified by the user.
PDF Datasheet>

  EZTouch Jr.
High-end SCADA Features and Graphics for only €199
The EZTouch Jr. is available with a 3,8" Monochrome and a 3,5" TFT Display. Both Displays offer a Resolution of 320 x 240 Pixel and 48 Touch Cells.
A serial RS232/422/485 Port or an optional Ethernet Port offers communcations to the PLC.

  Preprogrammed Toolboxes for Buttons, Switches, Lights etc. as well as over 4000 Symbols let you design your application in a very short time.
Online Programming is of course also available.
EZTouch Jr. Datasheet>

  RMC - Optionscard for Touchpanel
Remote Monitoring and Control, Alarmmails and Data Aquisition
The RMC Option card plugs into the extension connector of the EZTouch. It allows the user to monitor and control the Touch panel anywhere in the world where there is Internet. It also allows Programming of the unit and sending out Emails with Alarm messages. Further the Card allows Data Aquisition and Storage on a SD Card that plugs into the RMC Card.

The RMC card has an Ethernet Port to Monitor and Control the Touch Panel with a PC. For the Monitor and Control Function you need a separate Software.
The SD Card stores up to 2 GB of Data which can be read in Excel Format by a PC.
RMC - Card Datasheet>


  EZPLC now offers PID - Loops
The EZPLC, EZTouchPLC and EZTextPLC can handle 8 PID Loops
Each individual PID Loop and the corresponding parameters is selected by the Programming Software. For each Loop you have to define several parameters. Most of these parameters can also be changed during run time.

  The Programming Software offers also a monitor function. A graph will appear showing the setpoint, the actual value and the control value of the selected PID Loop. You can tune the PID Loop during monitoring.
EZPLC Productinfo>

  Modbus RTU and TCP/IP Communications
supported by the RS 422/485 and Ethernet Port
The latest Firmware of the EZPLC, EZTouchPLC and EZTextPLC offers also a Modbus communication protocol for the RS 422/485 Port, and Ethernet Port. The PLC can be either Master or Slave.

  With the Master/ Slave selection it is also possible to exchange data between PLC´s and create a network of up to 2048 I/O´s.
EZPLC Productinfo >
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